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One of the highlights of vacationing on St. John is experiencing a day charter on a boat. There is so much to see and do on the water; it truly is a must do if you have the time. We know from our own family the day charter is always one of the most talked about activities.

From the start, we have tried to offer the best when it comes to our villas and amenities. Most of our guests do charter boats, however, finding a charter company can sometimes be a challenge as most do not have published rates or calendars and the service many times is not up to a standard we would expect. We also felt many of the charter boats lacked in offering a boat that truly was geared towards a day trip charter. We have been on a lot of boats! We spent a long time researching the perfect day boat and we feel we have found it!

Cancellations made outside of 7 days will receive a full refund. Cancellations made inside 7 days of the scheduled charter will be liable for the full cost of the trip. Any no shows the day of the charter will be liable for the full cost of the trip.

Weather cancellations will be made by the captain on the day of the trip and not before, any cancellations due to weather made by St. John Resort Villas will not be held to the cancellation policy.

*Help keep our ocean life happy: please use only reef-safe sunscreen (Learn More)

Villas & Amenities

Shangri-La Villa


Chocolate Hole, St. John
5 Bedrooms/4.5 Baths, Sleeps 16 people


Chocolate Hole, St. John
6 Bedrooms/6 Baths, Sleeps 16 people
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa


Peter Bay, St. John
7 Bedrooms/7.5 Baths, Sleeps 16 people
Coconut Cottage


Chocolate Hole, St. John
1 Bedrooms/1 Baths, Sleeps 2 people

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